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7:00pm, Thursday 24th
April 2014

What should Lolita look like? Why did Dmitri Nabokov, the writer’s only child and sole surviving heir, contravene his father’s wishes that the last unfinished novel, The Original of Laura, be destroyed? Join the conversation on Nabokov’s legacy with participants Yuri Leving (Editor of the Nabokov Online Journal), Lara Delage-Toriel (President of the French Vladimir Nabokov Society), and Samuel Schuman (Past President of the International Vladimir Nabokov Society, the author of Nabokov’s Shakespeare (Bloomsbury, 2014)), during the European book launch of Lolita – The Story of a Cover Girl: Vladimir Nabokov’s Novel in Art and Design. Eds. John Bertram and Yuri Leving (New York: Print, 2013), and Shades of Laura: Vladimir Nabokov’s Last Novel, The Original of Laura. Ed. Yuri Leving (McGill Queens University Press, 2013). The winner of the 2013 Nabokov Online Journal Best Book Award will be announced during this event.

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