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Shipping & Tracking

Before completing your order, you will be shown all the mailing options for your purchase’s shipment from Paris to its delivery address, along with the prices. When possible, one option will be the Express service, which provides customers with confirmation emails and tracking numbers, ensuring the most straight-forward and on-time deliveries, particularly for overseas destinations.

The speed of arrival depends on the package’s destination and the shipping company.


• Express - Tracked: on average delivery between 2-5 days (note: an additional delay may be applicable due to stock levels)
• Standard - Untracked: approx. 2-3 weeks to EU, 4 weeks to North America (note: an additional delay may be applicable due to stock levels and COVID)
• Colissimo - Untracked (France only): on average between 2 and 7 working days (note: an additional delay may be applicable due to stock levels)

If you select the Express service, you will receive a confirmation email that includes a tracking number. For all other delivery methods, you may not receive a tracking number. You will, however, be able to confirm when your package ships from the bookstore by signing in to the Shakespeare and Company website.

A note to the Express service customers: Your parcel must be signed for by a person and at the address given on the shipping label.

If your order has not been delivered within the estimated timeframe, based on the shipping method you selected while making your purchase, please email us via your personal account. Customers of Express service have 30 days from the shipment date to notify us of an undelivered package. After that time, the ability to file a claim for a lost package is closed by the shipping supplier.

Please note: Standard Delivery neither has a track-package feature nor the same advantages for claiming lost packages as does the Express service.

Generally, books are not subject to customs fees; however, some fees may apply to orders totaling 150€ or more. For information on possible customs fees, please refer to the European Commission’s website regarding duties and taxes. The customs code for purchases made online at Shakespeare and Company is 4901.


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