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We accept resumes on a continuous basis, as positions do open up from time to time.
Please note that, due to the large number of resumes we receive, we will respond only at the time that a position becomes available and if you are being considered.​

Before applying, please note the following qualifications:
• You are already settled in Paris with EU working papers. (We don't interview overseas candidates, offer a relocation fee, or sponsor visa requests.)
• You speak both English and French.
• You love books and have previously worked in a bookstore or have comparable experience.
• You know a little about Shakespeare and Company and are interested in working in a bohemian, warm, busy, expanding, stimulating, and demanding environment.
• You are available to work in the bookshop for at least one or two years. (We prefer longer-term placements.)
• You recognize that punctuality is essential on a shop floor, as customers and colleagues depend on you, and that working in a bookstore often requires physical work, such as assisting with book deliveries and carting boxes.

To be considered for a future position, please email us an application:
• The application is composed of a cover letter, a CV (maximum two pages), and three references (name and contact details).
• The application may be either pasted into the body of the email or attached as a Text, RTF, or Word document. (No other type of documents will be considered.)
• The application may be written in English or French.
• Please give us a general sense of your availability. You needn’t be too detailed, but please be aware of the shop’s hours.
• Email your application to [email protected] with the following subject line: “Application for Future Position.”

For applications to the Shakespeare and Company Cafe, please contact [email protected].


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