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Coup de coeur
Coup de coeur (Fiction), by Morgane
I am alone and must live a certain intimate glory that in solitude can become pain. And the pain, silence. I keep its name secret. I need secrets in order to live. Clarice Lispector transports us to a place where the sun never stops to shine, where you can hear the birds and smell the sea salt. It is a mix of her intuitive writing & poetry - where you get lost with her words and in a world, your deepest memories awaken back to life- It is beautifully written and Ive caught myself underlining a lot of her words as they resonated something in me. It sometimes felt almost intimate to read her thoughts. I plunge into the almost pain of an intense happiness and to adorn me leaves and branches spring up in my hair.
In Água Viva Clarice Lispector aims to 'capture the present'. Her direct, confessional and unfiltered meditations on everything from life and time to perfume and sleep are strange and hypnotic in their emotional power and have been a huge influence on many artists and writers, including one Brazilian musician who read it one hundred and eleven times. Despite its apparent spontaneity, this is a masterly work of art, which rearranges language and plays in the gaps between reality and fiction.
Translated by Stefan Tobler
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Binding: Paperback
Publication date: 06 Feb 2014
Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 7 mm
ISBN: 9780141197364