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Book cover of Comedy in a Minor Key

Comedy in a Minor Key

Hans Keilson


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When Wim and Marie, a young Dutch couple, agree to hide a Jewish man in their home during the Nazi occupation, they think they are fulfilling their patriotic duty. Tension and awkwardness reign in the house as they try to adapt to this forbidden guest, whom they know as Nico. Small accidents and unexpected encounters ensue as the dynamic unsettles all three - until Nico dies, and Wim and Marie must face the risky endeavour of disposing of his body. Taut, penetrating and rich with dark irony, Comedy in a Minor Key is a masterful study of human relationships under extreme circumstances.
Publisher: Pushkin Press
Binding: Paperback
Publication date: 30 May 2024
Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 129 mm
ISBN: 9781782279761