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Family Meal

'This novel will break your heart twice over'

Bryan Washington


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Coup de coeur
Coup de coeur (Literature), by Ella
"Now I hand Fern a plate smothered in Cholula, flanked by a slice of bacon" p. 29 Whisk 3 eggs in a bowl with salt and pepper. Heat a large non-stick frying pan and add thick rashes of smoky bacon, as they start to darken, push to one side, add a little butter to the pan and scramble the eggs, stirring as you go. Serve when the bacon is crispy and the eggs are perfectly cooked, with lashings of Cholula chili sauce, or similar and soft white bread to mop up the grease.
Publisher: Atlantic Books
Binding: Paperback
Publication date: 12 Oct 2023
Dimensions: 151 x 233 x 26 mm
ISBN: 9781838954475