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Book cover of How To Protect Bookstores And Why

How To Protect Bookstores And Why

The Present and Future of Bookselling

Danny Caine

Can independent bookstores save the world? As bastions of culture, anchors of local retail districts, community gathering places, and the source of new ideas, inspiration, and delight, maybe they can. But only if we protect them and the vital roles they fill in our communities. Danny Caine, author of the bestselling sensation How to Resist Amazon and Why and co-owner of Raven Book Store in Lawrence, Kansas, makes a powerful case for the in this serious, nationwide survey of the US's vital independent bookstore scene. At once an urgent call to action and a deep appreciation of everything bookstores can do, Caine's new book features a brief overview of 20th century bookselling and how it got that way, plus case-study profiles of the most interesting, creative, and progressive bookstores of today. Through examples, analysis, and vibrant and well-informed advocacy, Caine offers a cohesive roadmap for a sustainable future of bookselling, from policy suggestions to business strategies to ti
Publisher: Microcosm Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Publication date: 19 Sept 2023
Dimensions: 178 x 126 x 15 mm
ISBN: 9781648411632

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