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Book cover of Little Rot

Little Rot

Akwaeke Emezi


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They wanted revenge, they wanted people to be held accountable in a world where that just didn't happen. It was like expecting a rotten tree to bear fruit.Akwaeke Emezi's exhilarating new novel follows five people over the course of a heady weekend which will brutally upend all of their lives.When Kalu drops Aima at Lagos Airport, it marks the end of their four-year relationship. Shattered and broken open, he thinks that's the last he will see of his girlfriend. But Aima is drawn back into the city - to the scandalous, decadent nightlife of her best friend.As Kalu grieves, his friend offers him an exclusive invitation to one of his sordid, global parties - a way for Kalu to escape, if only for a night. Kalu knows it will offer every possible indulgence and something even more precious: time with the man he loves, but whose actions will plunge them all into a whirling descent that pulls in everyone connected to them.
Publisher: Faber & Faber
Binding: Paperback
Publication date: 18 Jun 2024
ISBN: 9780571382811