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Book cover of [Oshi No Ko], Vol. 1

[Oshi No Ko], Vol. 1

Aka Akasaka


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Coup de coeur
Coup de coeur (Manga), by Anthony
"Oshi no ko" is like a refreshing summer breeze, weaving together a myriad of elements to craft an enthralling narrative. Set against the backdrop of the vibrant entertainment industry, the story delves deep into its diverse facets, ranging from the pristine to the scandalously sordid. It skillfully sheds light on the pitfalls of idol culture, exposing its flaws without disparaging the dedicated individuals striving to fulfill their dreams. In the sun-drenched prologue alone, the narrative sparkles with intrigue and promise. Despite their imperfections, both twins captivate with their charm and endearing qualities, making them as irresistible as a scoop of ice cream on a hot summer day.
Gorou is a gynecologist and idol fan who’s in shock after his favorite star, Ai, announces an impromptu hiatus. Little does Gorou realize that he’s about to forge a bond with her that defies all common sense! Lies are an idol’s greatest weapon in this outrageous manga from Aka Akasaka (Kaguya-sama: Love is War) and Mengo Yokoyari (Scum’s Wish).
Publisher: Little, Brown & Company
Binding: Paperback
Publication date: 17 Jan 2023
Dimensions: 189 x 128 x 22 mm
ISBN: 9781975363178