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Book cover of The Norse Myths That Shape the Way We Think

The Norse Myths That Shape the Way We Think

Carolyne Larrington


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Coup de coeur
Coup de coeur (Antiquity & Myth), by Katharine
Much of the culture we consume today has its origins in ancient myths and legends. From Marvel superhero movies to Games of Thrones, the Norse myths and legends of Thor, Odin, Loki et al still provide rich source material and inspiration for us. This book is a highly accessible guide to the origins of these stories, and explores why the appeal of these myths is so enduring today.
A fresh look at the stories at the heart of Norse mythology, exploring their cultural impact right up to the present day. The heroes and villains of Norse mythology have endured for centuries, infiltrating art, opera, film, television and books, shape-shifting – like the trickster Loki – to suit the cultures that encountered them. Through careful analysis of the literature and archaeology of the Norse world, Carolyne Larrington takes us deep into the realm described in the Icelandic sagas, from the gloomy halls of Hel to the dazzling heights of Asgard. She expertly examines the myths’ many modern-day reimaginings, revealing the guises that have been worn by the figures of Norse myth, including Marvel’s muscled, golden-haired Thor and George R.R Martin’s White Walkers, who march inexorably southwards, bringing their eternal winter with them. This sophisticated yet accessible guide explores how these powerful stories have inspired our cultural landscape, from fuelling the creative genius of Wagner to the construction of the Nazi’s nationalist ideology. Larrington’s elegantly written retellings capture the essence of the original myths while also delving into the history of their meanings. The myths continue to speak to such modern concerns as masculinity and environmental disaster – after the inevitable, apocalyptic ragna rök, renewal comes from the roots of Yggdrasill, the World Tree.
Publisher: Thames & Hudson Ltd
Binding: Hardback
Publication date: 02 Mar 2023
Dimensions: 243 x 167 x 34 mm
ISBN: 9780500252345