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What Happened to You?

Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing

Winfrey, Oprah

<p><b>Oprah Winfrey and renowned brain development and trauma expert, Dr Bruce Perry, discuss the impact of trauma and adverse experiences and how healing must begin with a shift to asking 'What happened to you?' rather than 'What&rsquo;s wrong with you?'.</b><br><br>Through wide-ranging and often deeply personal conversation, Oprah Winfrey and Dr Perry explore how what happens to us in early childhood &ndash; both good and bad - influences the people we become. They challenge us to shift from focusing on 'What&rsquo;s wrong with you?' or 'Why are you behaving that way?' to asking 'What happened to you?'. This simple change in perspective can open up a new and hopeful understanding for millions about why we do the things we do, why we are the way we are, providing a road map for repairing relationships, overcoming what seems insurmountable, and ultimately living better and more fulfilling lives.<br><br>Many of us experience adversity and trauma during childhood that has lasting impact on our physical and emotional health. And as we&rsquo;re beginning to understand, we are more sensitive to developmental trauma as children than we are as adults. &lsquo;What happened to us&rsquo; in childhood is a powerful predictor of our risk for physical and mental health problems down the road, and offers scientific insights into the patterns of behaviours so many struggle to understand.<br><br>A survivor of multiple childhood challenges herself, Oprah Winfrey shares portions of her own harrowing experiences because she understands the vulnerability that comes from facing trauma at a young age. Throughout her career, Oprah has teamed up with Dr Bruce Perry, one of the world&rsquo;s leading experts on childhood trauma. He has treated thousands of children, youth, and adults and has been called on for decades to support individuals and communities following high-profile traumatic events. Now, Oprah joins forces with Dr Perry to marry the power of storytelling with the science and clinical experience to better understand and overcome the effects of trauma.<br><br><b>Grounded in the latest brain science and brought to life through compelling narratives, this book shines a light on a much-needed path to recovery &ndash; showing us our incredible capacity to transform after adversity.</b></p>
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Binding: Paperback
Publication date: 28 Apr 2022
Dimensions: 128 x 196 x 21 mm
ISBN: 9781529068504

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