14 February 2024, 14:00 - 19:00 

A Love Ritual for Every Heart...

I am here to listen with compassion to your stories filled with passion, love, or heartbreak.

Diving into the pages of my grimoire, I will uncover the most beautiful incantations, drawn from the works of Shakespeare.

Like an alchemist, I will concoct a magical potion specially designed to soothe your heart.

This Valentine’s Day come to our library for your very own Shakespeare-inspired love ritual from historian, anthropologist, artist, and therapist Adela Coman.

Adela Coman is a free spirit with an eclectic background, deeply fascinated by the place and significance of the individual within the community. As a historian, anthropologist, artist, and therapist, she endeavours to develop transdisciplinary support methods through her diverse experiences, enabling each individual to create their own "medicine" for finding meaning in everyday life. Her extensive experience in psychotherapy (over1000 hours of individual sessions), her skills in personal and professional coaching (300 hours of workshops, discussion groups, and team-building), her studies in history and anthropology, as well as her specialisations in Future Thinking and neuroscience, are like the different pieces of a puzzle that, once assembled, have helped her understand the importance of ritual in personal and communal evolution. Her artistic performances serve as the culmination of her research, allowing individual and collective histories to coexist simultaneously around contemporary rituals.

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“Shakespeare is the happy hunting ground of all minds that have lost their balance.”

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