Intro to Shakespeare Bundle


This bundle promises to transport readers into the enchanting world of the Bard's imagination, through Shakespeare's inventiveness with language and the depth of his insight. From the stirring passions of star-crossed lovers, to the dark allure of ambition and power, this bundle is a perfect introduction to his work.

This Shakespeare bundle includes:

* Romeo & Juliet, by William Shakespeare: The tale of tragic forbidden romance as Romeo and Juliet defy the feuding houses of Montague and Capulet. Shakespeare's exploration of youthful passion and familial strife continues to resonate through the ages.

* Macbeth, by William Shakespeare: A brave warrior whose unchecked ambition leads to his undoing. Fueled by prophecy and consumed by guilt, Macbeth's descent into tyranny is a chilling portrayal of the corrupting nature of power.

* Much Ado about Nothing, by William Shakespeare: Shakespeare's comedic masterpiece filled with witty banter, mistaken identities, and sparkling romance. Set against the backdrop of Sicily, this enchanting tale follows the romantic entanglements of Beatrice, Benedick, Claudio, and Hero as they navigate love, deception, and redemption.

* Sonnets, by William Shakespeare, A Shakespeare and Company Edition: We've collected our favorite Shakespeare sonnets and published them together in this accordion-fold pamphlet. Printed in France on creamy, thick paper, the pamphlet is foil-stamped in gold on the front and back covers. It arrives in an envelope, printed on the back side with a line of poetry: "Unless this miracle have might, / That in black ink my love may still shine bright.

Dimensions: 200 x 135 x 50 mm
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