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Le Sac Shopping


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The intricate marble print of this reusable shopping bag was taken from an exquisite, handmade endpaper, found in an antiquarian book. Both sides of the bag read: "Shakespeare and Company Paris."Made from extremely tear-resistant 100% recycled plastic, this bag has a lightweight, silky-soft feel, with an expanded base and interior pocket—perfect for accommodating an abundance of books, groceries, and other items—and, when you're not using it, the whole bag easily folds up into the interior pocket, making it the perfect size to carry with you every day, wherever you go. Designed in collaboration with Ohlman Consorti, Paris, and ethically produced by Re-Wrap, whose workers are members of the World Fair Trade Organization. 

Cold hand wash only.

Handle height: 280 MM and Armhole width: 160 MM

Dimensions: 420 x 115 x 450 mm
SKU: 2000000321479