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Puzzle S&Co - An Afternoon at the Bookshop


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Made in France and 100% plastic free, this 1000 piece puzzle will delight anyone with an eye for detail. Illustrated by the talented artist Fox and the Magpie, this whimsical depiction of our bookshop façade includes an assortment of animals browsing for their next favourite book - Can you find the mice in the Wine & Cheese section? What book is the little hedgehog walking out the door with? Will the fox choose The Hunchback of Notre Dame, or are they already holding too many books to carry one more? Including an organic Shakespeare and Company printed cotton pochette and a postcard sized version of the illustration, come join us in piecing together this beautiful puzzle of a (not so typical) afternoon at the bookshop.

Puzzle size when complete : 680 x 490 x 1 mm

Dimensions: 248 x 165 x 60 mm
SKU: 2000000328003