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Proust Questionnaire: Holly McNish & Michael Pedersen

18 January 2024
In advance of their event at Shakespeare and Company this February 8th, poets Hollie McNish and Michael Pedersen answer our café’s Proust Questionnaire. Be warned, this gets saucy quickly…...

Bloomcast Holiday Special: The Dead

06 January 2024
Our Bloomcasters reconvene on January 6th, “Joycension Day”, to discuss The Dead : the final piece in Joyce’s Dubliners, described by T. S. Eliot as "one of the greatest short...

On Witold Gombrowicz’s The Possessed, with Antonia Lloyd-Jones and Adam Thirlwell

03 January 2024
This episode we’re discussing The Possessed, the great, almost-lost novel by Witold Gombrowicz, arguably Poland’s greatest modernist writer. The Possessed is a Gothic-infused romp set in the roaring twenties, centred...

Naomi Klein on Doppelgangers, Conspiracy Theories, and the Shadowlands we all inhabit…

21 December 2023
This week, Adam is joined by Naomi Klein, whose new book, Doppelganger is somehow both the most personal and the most all-encompassing of her works to date. Beginning with the...

Claire-Louise Bennett on Nightflowers, her immersive installation at Museum of Literature Ireland

07 December 2023
This week Adam is joined by the Claire-Louise Bennett for a wide-ranging conversation, orbiting around Nightflowers, her immersive installation at Museum of Literature Ireland. They discuss writing, thought processes, class...

On Eating through the Endtimes, with C Pam Zhang

23 November 2023
Set in a near future in which a mysterious smog has enveloped the world, devastating crops and biodiversity, the narrator of Land of Milk and Honeytakes a job as a...

On Life, Art and the Line Between the Two, with Jo Ann Beard

09 November 2023
Jo Ann Beard’s essays are surprising, insightful, thoughtful, and contains something new in each and every sentence. Recently published in the UK as The Collected Works of Jo Ann Beard...

Sandra Newman on Julia, her re-imagining of George Orwell’s 1984

26 October 2023
If you thought life on Airstrip one was tough for Winston Smith, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Because in JULIA, Sandra Newman’s reimagining of Orwell’s nightmare, if men have it...
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