How do I subscribe to the newsletter?
You can sign up for the newsletter in two ways:
• On the Homepage, you’ll find the section "Newsletter" where you'll have to click on the sign-up button, to be redirected to a dedicated page for subscription. Simply enter your email address and click OK.
• Those registered at the website can also subscribe by clicking "My Account" at the top-right corner of the website and then by clicking "Subscriptions" and follow the link. On this page, you’ll find a line to opt-in to receive the newsletter.

How often will I receive emails from Shakespeare and Company?
We aim to send one email (the newsletter) at the start of each month. Occasionally, we may have some special news to share that will prompt us to send an additional email, this occurs only once every year or two.

Will S&Co share my email address with other companies or try to sell it to others?
No. Never.

How do I unsubscribe to the newsletter?
You can unsubscribe by clicking Unsubscribe at the bottom of the most recent newsletter.


How do I browse the website or locate books?
There are many ways to find books and other items:
• the Online Store on the top navigation bar and select Books menu for a list of subject categories, which range from the shop’s classic bestsellers to signed editions to children’s literature; 2. Rare Books for modern first editions and other estimable selections; or 3. Gifts for special shop keepsakes, including tote bags, postcards, and temporary tattoos.
• the Search function at the top-right corner and click the radial button Books to locate specific authors or titles. Or you can click Web and search the website’s content for people or subject matters.
• To return to the Homepage at any point, click the Shakespeare and Company logo.

Does S&Co sell second-hand books on its website?
While we have second-hand titles in the bookstore, we do not sell used books online at this time . . . with one exception. We do offer a selection of Rare Books from our Antiquarian for purchase via the website.

Privacy Policy

What is the Shakespeare and Company privacy policy?
Please view the bookstore’s privacy policy here.


How do I create an account?
To create an account, click Sign In at the top-right corner and fill out the details after clicking on the "Create an account" button. Please note that you only need to create an account one time.

How do I change my mailing address or password?
From your Account page, you can enter or change your mailing address and your password by clicking "My Account" and clicking on the "Edit" button under "My account details".

How do I see a list of my previous purchases?
From your Account page, you can see your order history by clicking Orders.

What should I do if I’ve forgotten my username / password?
If you’ve forgotten your username or password, please go to the "Sign In" section and follow the button "Forgot your password ?".


Why can’t I find a specific book? What if the book I want is out of stock?
When you search for a book, a page will appear confirming whether it is available through the Shakespeare and Company website. Should the book not be available by online order, we encourage you to contact our team of booksellers in Paris at [email protected] to learn whether the book can be sourced elsewhere. We reply to email requests within one or two standard business days.

How do I place an order?
To purchase a book, you must sign up for an account or sign in to your existing account. When you see the book you want, click on Add To Cart. You will be prompted to enter the desired quantity, as well as to select from the customization options. When you have finished shopping, click the Cart button at the top-right corner of the web page. After reviewing the contents of your Cart, click the Checkout button.

How do I remove items from my Cart?
You can adjust your order at any time before finalizing the payment. To delete an unwanted item, reduce the quantity to zero in the shopping cart or click on the cross button near the total line of the item you wish to remove.

How do I change my billing or shipping information?
After clicking the Checkout button, you will be shown the contents of your purchase, along with your default billing and shipping information. To change either the billing or shipping information, click Proceed to Checkout. You will then be prompted to revise both the billing and shipping information, should you wish to do so.

Can I request multiple delivery addresses for a single order?
Currently, we are unable to accept multiple delivery addresses for a single purchase. Should you wish to have books mailed to multiple destinations, each destination must be entered as a separate order.

Can books be giftwrapped?
If during the checkout process you do tick the "I would like my book gift wrapped" we will be pleased to gift wrap  your items with our beautiful hand-packaging free of charge. Additionally, we offer to stamp your books (no stamps will be added to totebags) with our famous Shakespeare and Company - Kilometer zero design. 

Can I adjust my order after finalizing the purchase?
No, unfortunately. Please carefully review your purchase before approving the final payment information. We, at the shop, are unable to amend or cancel an order after the payment information has been entered and finalized by a customer.

Am I able to cancel my order?
Unfortunately, no. For multiple reasons on our end, we’re unable to cancel orders after receiving the payment confirmation. Please carefully review your purchase before approving the final payment.

Can I request a refund or exchange?
If after your package arrives, you change your mind or find that the item is defective, you have 30 days from the receipt of payment to return the item, in its original condition, to the address stated on the receipt, along with:
1. a copy of the original invoice,
2. a completed return form (a printable copy of which can be found Here), and
3. all packaging and accessories.

Please note: While the postage fee from the original order will be refunded, the customer is responsible for all costs incurred in returning the package to the bookstore in Paris. Also: We cannot accept refund or exchange requests for books for which the customer has selected from our customization options.

Why hasn’t my order been delivered yet?
If you selected DHL Express service, please refer to your DHL tracking number, which was emailed to you after your purchase. For all other delivery methods, please sign in to your Account and click Orders. Check to confirm that we received the correct shipping information and that your package has been dispatched. If you believe there is a problem, please contact us at [email protected].


What are my online payment options?
The website accepts credit card and debit card payments from most major banks worldwide. We accept Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, and American Expressl. We are not able to accept payments by check for purchases made online.

Can I pay for my online purchase using a gift certificate I bought in the Paris store?
Unfortunately, the paper gift certificates we sell at the shop can be redeemed only in-store at Shakespeare and Company, Paris. We’ll soon be introducing new gift certificates that will be redeemable both in-store and on our website. Thanks for your patience with this!

How secure is it to make an online payment through the website?
The Shakespeare and Company payment page directs to an external and secure provider, ensuring that the customer’s bank details are encrypted and remain private. (You can confirm that the payment page is indeed secure by looking for a small icon of a lock in front of the website address in your browser.)


What are the shipping options? How much does it cost to ship a package?
At checkout, you will be shown all the mailing options for your purchase’s shipment from Paris to its delivery address, along with the prices: 

• Express - Tracked: on average delivery between 4-5 days, which provides customers with confirmation emails and tracking numbers, ensuring the most straight-forward and on-time delivery.

• Standard - Untracked: approx. 3-4 weeks to EU, 4 weeks to North America, this shipping method doesn't provide customers with a tracking number.

• Colissimo - (France only): on average between 4 and 7 working days, which provides customers with confirmation emails and tracking numbers, ensuring the most straight-forward and on-time delivery.

At this time, we cannot accept requests to mail purchases via a shipping method that does not appear among your shipping options.

How does the “Pick Up in Store” option work?
When you place an order on the website, select the “Pick Up in Store” option for the delivery method. When your purchase is ready for pick up at the bookshop, we’ll send you an email. You can pick up your order at the Customer Orders counter, located on the ground floor in the Poetry section. The Customer Orders counter is open Monday to Saturday, 10am to 8pm and on Sundays from 12pm to 7pm. Please bring proof of payment or the confirmation email when coming to collect your order, or you may show us the confirmation email on your smartphone.

Will my shipment be subject to a customs fee?
Generally, books are not subject to customs fees; however, some fees may apply to orders totaling 150€ or more. For information on possible customs fees, please refer to the European Commission’s website regarding duties and taxes. The customs code for purchases made online at Shakespeare and Company is 4901 for books and notebooks and 4202.12 for other S&Co items.

How long will it take to receive my purchases?
The speed of delivery depends on the package’s destination and the shipping company. In This Table, we’ve provided an estimation of delivery times.

How can I track my package?
If you selected DHL Express service, please refer to your DHL tracking number, which was emailed to you after your purchase. If you chose Colissimo, please go to your Laposte tracking number which was also sent to you by email. If you believe there is a problem, please contact us at [email protected].

Do I need to sign for my DHL delivery?
If you selected DHL Express service, your parcel will not be released unless signed for at the address given on the shipping label. For this reason, it’s extremely important to ship to the most convenient address. If delivery fails, the package will be returned to the local DHL agency. To get in touch with your local DHL agency, please refer to the notice left by the DHL carrier for contact details.

What if my order isn’t delivered?
Please see This Table for the estimated delivery time for packages shipped from the bookshop to your specific location. If your order has not been delivered within the estimated timeframe, based on the shipping method you selected while making your purchase, please email us at [email protected].
Customers of DHL Express have 30 days from the shipment date to notify us of an undelivered package. After that time, the ability to file a claim for a lost package is closed by the shipping supplier. Please note: if you chose Global Mail shipping option, it won't have a track-package feature nor the same advantages for claiming lost packages as does DHL Express.

Our Shop in Paris

How can I visit Shakespeare and Company?
We’re located at 37 rue de la Bûcherie, Paris, in the Fifth Arrondissement, directly opposite Notre-Dame Cathedral on the Left Bank.

How can I contact Shakespeare and Company by email?
We endeavor to answer questions about the following within one to two working days:
• Online orders: [email protected]
• In-store purchases: [email protected]

To other questions, we need a bit more time and ask for your patience regarding our replies. We’re a relatively small staff working on multiple projects— in addition to managing the daily adventures of running an independent bookstore.
• For inquiries about jobs at Shakespeare and Company, please go to Working With Us.
• For inquiries about staying in the bookstore, please go to Tumbleweeding.
• For all other inquiries, including those regarding media and events, please email [email protected].

We’ll respond to your message as soon as we’re able!

How can I request that my book be stocked at Shakespeare and Company, Paris?
We’re happy to consider books for stocking in the shop. Please send an email describing your book to [email protected]. In your message, include the book’s title, author, publisher, page count, cover price, and proposed delivery method to our store in Paris. Please note: We cannot accept stock—or even a single sample copy—brought to the bookstore without the express invitation of our book buyer. Being surrounded by so many editions (both those for sale in the shop and those for reading in our library), it’s almost impossible for our rotating staff to keep track of un-sourced copies. Thank you for your understanding!